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Rogue deals with the aftermath of the events during the Golgotha story arc.
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Story Notes:
This fic is a direct response to the Golgotha story arc in the X-Men (Second Series) comic books, specifically, events occurring in issue number 169. As I’ve said before, I have not read the comic books, and only stumbled upon the fact that these events happened, and was totally enthralled by them. I found a scan of the page in question, and I’ve used rather detailed summaries of issue 169 and some of the following issues for context. I do not follow specifically what happens in the issues following 169, but deviate from it. I also pretty much ignore everything else that went on in those issues.

I feel this could have REALLY used a beta-reader, so if someone out there wants to take it on, I’d appreciate you reaching out to let me know. I’d be glad to edit and re-upload after a beta-reader has had a go at it.

If you have not heard about what happened in issue 169, it might behoove you to google it and find out. You could figure out what happened by reading this fic, but it might be confusing from the getgo if you aren’t aware of it.

Further notes at the end.

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