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Long ago, in a land far far away, I thought that I would never get sucked into a comics-based fandom.

Read the canon? Sure! Watch the movies? You bet! Get involved with the fandom side of things? I figured I had enough fandoms on my plate, and I wasn't going to add another, no matter how intriguing the thought of reading about my two favorite X-Men characters interacting might be...


I was wrong.

And now I am here. Slowly working my way through all of the wonderful fic you folks have provided! (So. Much. Awesome.) And very possibly adding my own twist to things. As you do.

What can I say? I'm addicted to fandom :-D
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And through the pain, through the pain she mourns it. Mourns the loss of the child she was, of the adult she thought she’d be. Back when things were simple, easy, linear. When life followed a logical course, and she could tell you where she’d be in one year. Five. Ten.

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It wasn't soft or slow, or even remotely romantic. But it was real.

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